Javonna Perkins

Javonna Perkins

June 9, 2022

Coaching Experience: 1st Year Coaching

Coaching Philosophy: “Trust the Process”

Best Volleyball Moment: Playing college volleyball

My Life in Sports: Volleyball has always been a big part of my life and I just hope to be able to pass on the passion that I have to the next generation of volleyball players

When I’m Not Coaching Volleyball…I’m playing volleyball or studying for my upcoming nursing exams

Favorite subject in school: Currently my nursing classes

Last Book I Read: Just Mercy by Bryson Stevenson

Favorite Movie: Love & Basketball/ Finding Dory

Favorite Quote: ” Be Ready, Stay Ready”

The person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: Rihanna

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: I am in college right now to get my BSN in nursing to eventually become a ER nurse