Courtney Knobeloch

Courtney Knobeloch

June 9, 2022

Coaching Experience: 5 years

Coaching Philosophy: My passion is to be able to share all my knowledge that I know about the game to shape and develop players abilities.

Best Volleyball Moment: My best volleyball moment was winning gold at the NEQ volleyball tournament in Philadelphia, PA.

My Life in Sports: I played Volleyball for 7 years in high school, but I have been around the game for 12 years. I have also played 2 years at the college level.

When I’m Not Coaching Volleyball…I’m fishing or hanging out with friends

Favorite subject in school: Math

Last Book I Read: The Fault in Our Stars

Favorite Movie: The Greatest Showman

Favorite Quote: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

The person I’d Like to Have Dinner With: My grandfather that passed away when I was really young

Something You Probably Don’t Know About Me: My right eye is two different colors.